PledgeMusic officially filed for bankruptcy last week, which means they have absconded (translation: have stolen) $20,000 of the funds that my fans paid to support me in the recording, manufacturing, delivery and promotion of my new album ‘Memoirs Of An Uprising’. 

I’ll spare you any personal expressions of anger, pity, or depression. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

In less than 24 hours of the bankruptcy news hitting, we began organizing a concert in an effort to be proactive and try to recover even a small portion of the revenue that I have had to spend myself in fulfilling your Pledge purchases, completing the album, artwork & photography, publicists and radio promotion, etc.


Damon Johnson & Band
Mike Farris
Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford 
(More guests TBA)

Monday June 3 at 7:30PM
The Basement East
Nashville, TN

The ticket link is below. Different ticket options are available, including donating your tickets to Wounded Warriors if you are unable to attend. Please purchase in advance, come to the show, and you’ll be treated to performances by some world class friends of mine: Grammy winning soul brother Mike Farris, Kevin Martin and the entire Candlebox band, and my hero and Nashville neighbor, Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford. More guests TBA. 

I’ll be posting video blogs almost daily and rallying awareness of this show, as time is very short. I thank all of you for spreading the word about this. And for those of you that cannot attend but want to help, there are some new items to be posted in my online store at

There is no denying that this is criminal activity on the part of PledgeMusic, and we all hope to see the reckless purveyors of this injustice get prison time. I have no control over that, and neither do you. But we can keep growing our own relationship together, make some great music and have fun taking the high road out of this situation. 

Monumental gratitude to you all…DJ


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