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Guitarist Damon Johnson and His New Band The Get Ready
share the video for their raucous new single
“Talk Yourself Into Anything”

(Nashville, TN) – June 18, 2021 – Today, internationally acclaimed guitarslinger, vocalist, songwriter, Damon Johnson and his new band, The Get Ready, share their new video and single “Talk Yourself Into Anything.” The cut is taken from their latest album Battle Lessons, which was released this spring via Double Dragon Records. The video, shot at the iconic Castle Recording Studio in Nashville, is out today and features a tongue in cheek take on the ‘big rock producer demanding just one more track’ to add to the album. Interesting backstory to the recording studio, the famed “Castle” was built in 1929 by a Chicago mobster and served as a hideout and resting spot while his crew traveled between Chicago and Florida.

Fans can view the video for the blistering track, here.

As the second track to be released from Battle Lessons, “Talk Yourself Into Anything” explodes with thick gritty guitar riffs and a funky pulsating bassline, the cut is an energetically fresh rocker that gives a tip of the hat to the classic anthems of bands like AC/DC, Bad Company and that devil himself, Alice Cooper, who Johnson has often toured with in addition to Thin Lizzy and the Lizzy-offshoot Black Star Riders. Johnson also fronted the potent ‘90s Southern rock band Brother Cane and his songs have been recorded and sung by stars like Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler.

As Johnson says of the new video, “Was a thrill to work with my talented friend Rob Arthur, who directed this video.. Rob plays keyboards for Peter Frampton, and the two of those guys started their own video production company last year during the pandemic. Rob’s wealth of musical skills are an asset for his additional passion of video and film directing. And of course Nick Raskulinecz is my soul brother and, really, the 4th member of The Get Ready.” Laughing, Johnson adds, “He did a fantastic job acting the part of ‘big shot rock producer’ and took things to a whole other level with his portrayal…which was really just him being himself!”

As producer and now, one of the stars in the new video, Raskulinecz said “I’m super proud of Damon and the songs he brought to the table back in early 2020 when we had our first discussions about a new album. ‘Talk Yourself Into Anything’ caught my attention immediately with its fat riffs and Damon’s unique storytelling vibe in the vocal. This new video turned out awesome and I fully expect an Oscar nomination for my stellar acting performance (HA!)”

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