Slave To The System



  1. Stigmata
  2. Ruby Wednesday
  3. Slave to the System
  4. Live This Life
  5. Cruise Out of Control
  6. Abyss
  7. Disinfected
  8. Gone Today
  9. Will You Be There
  10. Leaves
  11. Ragdoll
  12. Walk the Line

Slave To The System – Slave To The System

A “super group” of sorts absolutely delivers the goods, defies expectations, and creates a gem of timeless hard rock. 

Slave To The System was a band made up of part Brother Cane, part Queensryche. Damon Johnson and Roman Glick from BC joined forces with Scott Rockenfield and Kelly Gray from the ‘Ryche, along with Scotty Heard from the northwestern band Sweaty Nipples. “This album is so badass”, says Damon. “Kelly and I developed a powerful chemistry when he produced the Wishpool album for Brother Cane in ’97. He’s a tremendous songwriter, guitarist, and producer, and an amazing human being. It was his brainstorm to get us all together in what would become STTS.” Lead vocal duties are shared by Damon and Scott Heard, and the entire tracklist is loaded with monster riffs and inspired lyrics. Highlights are “Stigmata”, “Slave To The System”, “Disinfected”, and “Abyss”. This one-off effort is such an underrated collection of songs, and it was a shame that the band was only able to perform a handful of concert dates in 2006. “I’m very proud of this album. It reflected a heaviness that fulfilled a direction I had often wished that Brother Cane could have experimented more in.”