Damon Johnson – Dust



  1. To Turn Back Now
  2. Voice Of Eujena
  3. Lie In The Bed I Make
  4. And Fools Shine On
  5. Workin' Man Blues
  6. Does She Think About Me
  7. Believe In Me
  8. Got No Shame
  9. Borderline
  10. Woman
  11. Pieces Of You
  12. The Truth
  13. If It Happened To Be
  14. Make You Play

Damon Johnson – Dust

Damon’s debut solo album was never planned, never discussed…it simply “happened”.

“It all started with an innocent invitation to come down to a venue in Birmingham and fill the night with some acoustic music. Brother Cane had just disbanded and I was working on some new songs for…well for whatever might happen going forward. Jeff Everett brought some mobile-recording gear down to the venue, literally to experiment with some new equipment he’d just bought. I had NEVER performed solo acoustic before, beyond playing one or two songs on-air at various radio stations in the 90s. Therefore, I was petrified…scared to death. Jeff recorded that Birmingham show, recorded another show in Huntsville shortly thereafter, we picked 14 songs, printed the CDs and put it out. Today, I’m almost shocked at what a quality album it is, and I’m always grateful for the fantastic fans in the audiences those two nights. You can hear them loud and clear.”