Brother Cane – Wishpool



  1. Wishpool
  2. Where Was I To Know
  3. Mirror Ball
  4. Machete
  5. I Lie In the Bed I Make
  6. Look For Something More
  7. The Crow Flies
  8. Come Alive Again
  9. The Truth
  10. I Surrender
  11. Lead My Follow
  12. Human After All

Brother Cane – Wishpool

The Band Matures Into Something More

“My favorite memory from ‘Wishpool’ was recording the album in Seattle with our new friend, Kelly Gray. It was created at London Bridge Studios: same place that spawned Pearl Jam ‘Ten’ and the Temple of the Dog album. I drank my first legitimate cup of coffee during those sessions and have been a junkie ever since (coffee junkie, to be clear). The true fans of this album call it their favorite of the three BC efforts…some say it’s their favorite album all time. Lots of beautiful, inspired performances from all involved, and I’m not sure that my voice has ever sounded better on tape (thanks to Kelly’s coaching and production). We would call it quits after touring this record, as the knuckle dragging heaviness of Limp Bizkit and Korn began to dominate our previous solid home of active rock radio, and everyone’s personal lives were in some chaos and transition from our incessant absence. I’m so proud of the musical event that ‘Wishpool’ became, and that sentiment is echoed by the three other guys as well…to this day.”