Brother Cane – Seeds



  1. Horses & Needles
  2. Hung On a Rope
  3. And Fools Shine On
  4. Kerosene
  5. Breadmaker
  6. Rise On Water
  7. 20/20 Faith
  8. Bad Seeds
  9. Stain
  10. Intempted
  11. Voice of Eujena
  12. High Speed Freezin'

Brother Cane – Seeds

The Boys From Birmingham Survive Grunge, A Member Change & Deliver More Great Songs

“Changes. Roman went back to his main instrument, the bass guitar. David Anderson joined and broadened our sound with his single coil, textural awesomeness and love of melody. The songs Marti and I wrote were better suited for my vocal range, thanks to my touring the previous two years and finding my sound. We loved…not all, but some of…the new rock music brought on by the grunge movement and found a way to survive at radio, thanks to one of our best songs, “And Fools Shine On”. That track also became the main theme for the film, ‘Halloween 6’. We toured with the mighty Van Halen and continued to grow as players and performers. Good times.”